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    At Art Cafe, we serve the highest quality beef available in terms of tenderness,
    flavor and juiciness.

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    Outstanding service that keeps locals coming back and visitors raving

    Art Cafe is also home of the legendary Caesar Spun Salad, custom created tableside from a list of 10 ingredients including blue cheese, shrimp, olives, banana peppers, anchovies and our family’s own secret Caesar dressing. Enjoy!

    In 1996, the Art Cafe was opened

    With the vision that a cafe would thrive from the simple lure of great-tasting, classic food. Over the years, Art Cafe has earned a reputation for its juicy 22-ounce porterhouse, rib eye 12-ounce bone-in filet mignon topped with the smoothest, creamiest bearnaise sauce in town.

    Perfect cafe for lunch

    Share a romantic night or celebrate a special occasion, host a private event or simply unwind with our happy hour.

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    We welcome large parties. Celebrate together

    Still, we’re constantly racking our brains for ways to bring even more sparkle to the Art Cafe experience, and we think we’ve found something that just might work

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    Massive amount of emphasis is placed on knowledge

    All our front of house staff are tested regularly on all aspects of the menu so that they can knowledgeably and genuinely enthuse about the dishes they serve.

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